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For half of his life, Jiu Jitsu has played a major role. Santana, a native of Goiânia, Brazil, began his journey into the Gentle Art at the age of 14. In all of those years, Santana emerged as not only a top talent and contender on the mat, but also a valued member of the Jiu Jitsu community. In addition to winning numerous national and international championships, Santana created “Gatas no tatami,” an all-women’s Jiu Jitsu class in Brazil. Santana, who earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education from Universidade Salgado de Oliveira, eventually immigrated to the United States with his wife. He is now the head instructor at Paulo Santana BJJ in Winston-Salem, NC, a Lucas Lepri Brazilian Jiu Jitsu affiliate.

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